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Apart or A Part

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

October 28, 2022

November 8, 2022 is not far away. As with the previous elections, the campaigns acrimoniously focus on anger, fear and division while proclaiming to stand and work for all of us. It just seems ironic. But despite the chaos and negativity that appears to dominate our political scene, I see an evolutional movement forming. Crisis always presents the opportunity to find peaceful and more sustainable ways of living together.

The world is full of self-determined people, ready to organize for a worthy cause and take action. A few making headlines now are: #Me Too, Schools Strike for Climate, Indigenous Land Rights Movement, Black Lives Matter, Girls Right to Education, Marriage Equality, Movement Against Apartheid and Amnesty International. These and other groups have devoted their resources to equality, mental and physical health wellbeing, and improvements in the environment and community, locally and around the world. Initiatives to create social change are gaining momentum and the world is beginning to watch them and join in. More and more people are working to close the gap between how we currently live and people’s aspirations for how they want to live.

Confused by the changes happening all around us, we have forgotten that each of us has a part of play. The transformation begins now with you and me. It begins by using the law of reflections. Whatever issue alarms or irritates you, reflect it back on your own thoughts and actions. For example, if you “hate” the way our natural resources are being exploited and poisoned, ask yourself if you are willing to hang your clothes on the line to save energy; if you are willing to drive a more fuel-efficient car, to combine your trips, carpool or to use alternative, eco-friendly forms of transportation. If you deplore the current U.S. divisive political rhetoric, examine your own actions with neighbors, colleagues and strangers that you meet in everyday life. Do you interact with them in an attitude of cooperation, compromise and tolerance or do you push and shove until everything is in place that is acceptable to your belief system?

Change is constant. The need to divide life situations and label them as good or bad often arises when the world around us ceases to make sense and explanations fail. We have the freedom to choose which relationship we want to have with life. Let our choices be guided by awareness, honesty and responsibility and know that you are not apart but a part.

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