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At an early age, I learned to appreciate the value of simple things in life and to trust that which was familiar. An avid artist even during my youth, my favorite school subjects were art and geometrical drawing. I soon discovered that by studying and copying the masters, I could sharpen my attention to details and teach myself the different technical aspects of painting.  Through the years, however, I began to question the fundamental “truths” about life. I started searching for answers and discovered that there was so much more to our existence than what meets the eye.

My curiosity was stimulated and I began researching mythology, history, psychology, physics and metaphysics and combined these elements in my work. Now, I continue to explore these fields in order to understand the impact of the law of cause and effect and to elevate the human consciousness through symbolic artwork

Since beginning professional oil painting in 1963, I have completed over 300 works. My paintings often display cubistic and surrealistic tendencies, vibrant colors in dynamic combinations, evocative symbolism and thought-provoking imagery. I often employ the pigments of my imagination to reveal a mischievous, humorous side, a dry sarcasm and my love for the unexpected.  

My paintings illustrate the levels from which our thoughts draw their energy and create their consequences and help to explain why the world is our self-portrait. Each work of art is accompanied by an enlightening, descriptive narrative that guides the viewer to discover inherent tools to realize their fullest potential. Through my paintings and research, I envision a blueprint that illustrates the connectivity of all life and creates a model that will awaken the human potential for a conscious evolution. When you look at my artwork, I invite you to explore another realm of possibilities where art is much more than just a painting!

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