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It's On Its Way

 February 12, 2024

Eleanor Roosevelt once asked: “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”  How would our thoughts and actions be modified to incorporate this belief system?  Some might be stimulated to exert their control over others with an over-inflated ego, but many would welcome the opportunity to employ their optimistic self-concept to uplift all of life around them. Creativity would flow because self-doubt wouldn’t paralyze their thought process.  With the guarantee of success, the fear of external criticism or ridicule would not be a factor.  Energized with enthusiasm, we would do more and therefore accomplish more, attracting like-minded supporters with a common vision.

Practicing optimism gets easier with time. Ingrained negative habits don’t change overnight, but one soon becomes aware that regurgitating the old way of thinking brings somewhat predictable and uncomfortable emotions.  One begins to recognize which beliefs they are holding and practicing that don’t serve them well now and actually never have.  Since differences abound, there will always plenty of ways to feel dissatisfied and offended. When we define what we don’t like, at the same time it accents what we do like. This awareness can launch us into a whole new expectation:  freedom, growth, joy.

The unknown will always be a part of everyone’s life and for many, it’s always the monster under the bed.  Trying to figure out the who, what, where and how adds considerably to the anxiety. Our wounds can become badges of courage if we don’t let infection set in by continually reopening them.  If one is able to review the times things have worked out and to develop a certain amount of trust that the universe has their back, they will begin to align with the law of attraction and abundance.  By changing the way one looks at things, not focusing on what’s missing but rather at all that has been learned and accomplished, things will start to fall into place. There comes a time, after all the planning and doing, to simply let go. With it comes a sense of peace and a knowing- it's on its way.


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