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Miracles in the Making

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

January 14, 2022

Trust life to surprise you. Do you remember an extraordinary, joyful event in your life that left you exclaiming: “that was amazing…it’s a miracle!” Yet when you take time to notice and appreciate, so many miracles occur around you on a regular basis. For example, spring always follows winter, a tree can grow from a tiny seed- incredible occurrences happen every single minute without our knowledge that impact the lives of millions. Yet, the nature of life today does not often lend itself to recognizing the miracles happening around us and often to us. In the book, “Toward a Meaningful Life”, Simon Jacobson writes:

“The difference between a miracle and an act of nature is only in frequency. Imagine the sun were to rise only once in our lifetime. Everyone would rush to see it, proclaiming it the most miraculous event they had ever witnessed. But since we experience a sunrise every day, we see it as just another part of our lives.”

​You are no different. Miracles are subjective depending on your own perception and your openness to their possibility. Your wishes and prayers pave the way to the portal and open the potentiality of the extraordinary. The conscious, ever-changing and evolving universe will support every belief you hold. You write the story of what you want to create and by the strength of your belief and the power of your positive expectation, draw to yourself the circumstances, conditions and people that punctuate each paragraph. With perseverance comes knowledge. You learn to get out of your own way and to step around doubt, fear and the well-meaning negative opinions of others.

Never underestimate the power of your mind once you focus your intention. In doing so the law of attraction initiates the right time and the right place for the miracle to unfold.

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