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Who Am I Anyway?

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

November 26, 2021

Who am I, anyway? Am I my resumé?”- such a poignant line from the 1987 movie, “A Chorus Line”. Dancers auditioning for a large production soon find that they not only have to share their performance abilities but also divulge the hopes, fears and experiences that have impacted their lives and career.

Since “all the world’s a stage”, each of us performs our own life’s dramas. Thoughts and emotions control our day in an endless process of evaluating, judging and labeling. But describing ourselves by our biographical data only reveals fragments of our constantly changing existence. Who we are now is most likely different from who we were ten years ago and considerably different from decades ago. With this growth hopefully comes a more mindful intention to align with a greater common good. By tapping our intuition we discover opportunities for new beginnings while focusing on nurturing our creative innovations. And there are those peaceful moments when we are able to turn the volume of the mental chatter down, sometimes off altogether, as in meditation. In doing so, we don’t cease to exist, we reach a heightened sense of awareness. We see ourselves as the viewer, the watcher.

Who we are is an ongoing process, one in which we seek directions as to how we would like to engage life. The path to self-discovery is a journey, letting go of the things holding us back while picking up strengths and values along the way.

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