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Three volumes- Soft cover book each featuring color images and descriptions of 26 Dolezal paintings.

Volume I featured paintings: Celestial Harmony; The Creative Process; The Evolution of the Human Experience; From the Outside In; The Fibonacci Trail; The Forces of Thought; The Garden Spot; The Harmony of Opposites; Immortality; The Inner Freedom; In Nomini Dei; Makers of Themselves; Man's Only Enemy; Mind Games; Negation Factum I; A New Beginning; On the Road Alone; Place and Time; Portals of Perception; Psychonomy IV; The Riddle of the Sphinx; Samsara; The Silent Voice of Nature; Simultaneous Time; The Twins of Nyx; Triumph Over Adversity

Volume II featured paintings: Acceptance; Appreciation; The Body Wave; Counterclockwise; The Creation of a Reality; The Four Millennia; Das Gedankengebäude; Ironical Expectations; The Ironical Picture; The Last Man; Light through the Ages; Out of Samsara; Out of Sight, Yet in View; Point of Origin; Psychonomy I; Psychonomy III; The Racial Opportunity; The Searcher; The Seed of a Loss; The Three Sisters; The Transition; The Trial of Time; The Ultimate Irony; The Unified Field Theory; Unloading Emotions; The Unseen Reality

Volume III featured paintings: Abundance, Beyond Heaven, the Conundrum, Divine Intervention, Plato's Cave, The Sandcastle Effect, Ask & Receive, The Collective Consciousness, Entering the Blue Planet, The Four Illusions, An Issue of Relativity, Devachan, Perspective, Psychonomy II, Serenity, The Transformational Journey, That Decisive Moment, The Essence of Energy, The Progression of Generations, The Rise & Fall of Nations, Wisdom, The Anatomy of a Soul, The Essence of Energy, The Hoe, Rake & Shovel, The Immanent God, Paradigm Shift

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